2021 — MORE token’s Best Year Yet 2022 — MORE’s Best Year to Come


This is one of our longer posts… Might we suggest some music to accompany you during this read? Perhaps the release dropped on the same day as this post?

In 2017, we started Mithril Ore Token. MORE token was built on the concept of Ethereum validation and staking, and a penchant / love for hip-hop music. Over the years we have seen crypto crashes, crypto bull markets, survived a on us/our token, and manifested our utility built in Ethereum Staking.

MORE Token — We stay strong weathering the ups in downs in the CRYPTO saloon.

In our fifth year of doing this, MORE token is standing stronger than ever; and our management of the highs and lows of cryptocurrency over the years is a proof-positive testament of our loyalty to our supporters, and our steadfast integrity & trustworthiness as a token.

First tweet !— We’ve come a long way!

Suffice it to say we have found great success in decentralized music publishing, Ethereum staking/ validation, and success in our laissez-faire approach to what is otherwise an ‘easy win’ utility token.

We have opted out of in-your-face ‘pump-and-dump’ marketing, and we have also steered clear of centralized (aka anti-decentralization) exchanges (which can be prone to nefarious antics, as above). At this juncture, our approach to MORE token is — get some if you want — and, if not, hopefully you like the music. We have made the token casually available on the most popular decentralized exchange, .

Ok, lets get into some details…


In December of 2020 — our token was finally able to manifest its intended utility. At this time, we began staking/managing validating nodes on the Ethereum Beacon Chain. Since December 18th, 2020, we have been responsible for 38 Ethereum nodes that have been staking with100% fidelity, and we have been rewarded with Ethereum for doing so. As of January 7th, 2021 (pic) we have been rewarded over 97 Ethereum for validating the Ethereum blockchain. We aim to continue our high fidelity Ethereum network validation as per the utility of our token.

Since December 18, 2020 —Staking summary.

Future Staking.

Beacon Chain rewards for Ethereum are not currently accessible. Ethereum 2.0 rewards will be available only after several Ethereum 2.0 upgrades. The most exciting upgrade, for many reasons, is slated to be ‘The Merge.’ The Eth 2.0 ‘Merge’ is slated for Q2 of 2022. Essentially, this upgrade eliminates the environmental disaster of ‘Ethereum mining’ in favor of full ‘Ethereum staking.’ This upgrade eliminates a massive energy sink for the world and abolishes the cryptocurrency energy money-pit of mining (See slide from our 2018 Austin Ethereum talk on mining below).

In 2018, the money wasted on Bitcoin ‘Proof of Work’ mining could have bought 28 Washington Posts, the entire Valuation of the Yeti company, a few mansions, and the Los Angeles Clippers (7.312 Billion USD).

After ‘The Merge’, the MORE token Ethereum nodes will not only be rewarded for blockchain validation, but also will also be rewarded with ‘mining fees!’ These mining fees are a byproduct of Ethereum moving away from ‘proof of work’ to ‘proof of stake.’ Essentially, each node will achieve DUAL REWARDS! Rewards for the utility of Ethereum validation / and rewards for Ethereum transaction mining. This brings even more promise to our token’s current modus operandi.

The Merge — HUGE for the environment, Ethereum, and MORE token.

Future, Future Staking

Once the funds from Ethereum 2.0 are unlocked (~Eth Beacon chain upgrade ~ Q4 2022); we will have some options as a token. When the time comes, token-holder input will be highly valued. Currently, we already have enough rewards to run 3 more Ethereum Validation Nodes… and then, later those nodes may have enough Ethereum to run more nodes… etc., etc., etc.… Interesting possibilities.

Token BuyBack

A buyer has become available regarding MORE token acquisition. If tokenholders at nonhostile public addresses wish to sell their tokens. The current terms are, if a tokenholder would like market-Ethereum value in exchange for their MORE token, and they have held the token for longer than 1 year (according to etherscan.io public address data) / we can pair you with a buyer for your tokens (minus gas fees).


In the past year, our Spotify music alone has gone from 1.4 million streams to 3.25 million streams. Our music publishing utility continues to demonstrate exponential growth on platforms including Spotify, Youtube, and Amazon Music. We have a stellar line-up of music slated for 2022.

Mithril OReDER / Music Publishing — — HUGE NUMBERS!!!

Measurements on Youtube are equally bullish (in-line image 2). All streaming of music published on our platform contributes Ethereum royalties / utility to the MORE token.

Latest Spotify Release — Stream it all day!

Music publishing royalty token utility continues to add IMMENSE value. Anyone worldwide can stream our music for FREE and generate VALUE via Music Publishing royalties for the MORE token.

Youtube Mithril OReDER data — similar growth in views / channel for 2021.

Brave Browser

The Brave Browser is one last, small, but relevant utility for our token. The Brave browser embodies how Web 3, tokenization, and decentralization can conquer centralized corporate Web 2 concepts. Mithril Ore token accepts brave donations, and they have added a great value to the token as they all go into the Ethereum staking process (in-line image — tweet).

The Positive Feedback Ecosystem — MORE token, Brave, Youtube, and Hip Hop

To make it easy, please download Brave from this link:

Please send Brave donations to these links:

Token Support through Brave / BAT token has been effective and meaningful!


We have come a long way on this cryptocurrency (and life) roller coaster. We are looking forward to a monumental 2022!




Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network

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MORE Mithril Ore Token

Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network