2022 — Year in Review

Staking Manifested.

This is the sixth year and counting for Mithril Ore token (est. 2017), and the token is more fuerte than ever. The MORE token has been chopping the entire year. We have consistently been staking Ethereum and racking up rewards for validating Ethereum transactions since the Beacon chain began in 12/18/2020. The staking results below (Figure 22.1) show that as of 01/01/2023 the MORE token has been rewarded a cumulative total of roughly 177 Ethereum. This means each MORE token has a utility value of ~0.00283 Ethereum / MORE token as of 01/01/2023.

Figure 22.1 — Token stats as of 01/01/2023

In spite of the Celsius, BlockFi, FTX and other nuclear meltdowns from the past year, and despite the crypto bear market; Mithril Ore token’s consistent utility has allowed the token to be recession-proof and unscathed going into 2023. In our sixth year of doing this, MORE token is standing stronger than ever; and our management of the highs and lows of cryptocurrency over the years is a proof-positive testament of our loyalty to our supporters, and our steadfast integrity & trustworthiness as a token.


On September 15th 2022, the first part of the Ethereum merge ocurred. Since that time, the Ethereum blockchain has officially moved from proof of work to PURE proof of stake. This has had a massive impact on not only the global environment regarding the energy sink that was proof of work, but also allowed Ethereum stakers that mine Ethereum transactions to benefit from Ethereum blockchain traffic. The end result of the merge for MORE token is increased Ethereum rewards for stakers (like MORE token) via the additional mining of Ethereum transaction blocks. This has further strengthened MORE token’s utility and adds yet another utility to the MORE token = Another Ethereum reward stream tacked onto this already thriving token.

Figure 22.2 — MORE token — even stronger since the MERGE

The MERGE — The C-Quel

Part 2 of the Ethereum Proof of Stake merge is slated for Q3–4 in 2023. Tentatively known as the “Shanghai Upgrade”, part 2 of the staking merge allows for staking withdrawals. At that point, MORE token will have the ability to officially exchange MORE token for the representative Ethereum rewards at any time. Our tentative plan after the upgrade would be honor MORE token withdrawals that have not been processed, allow our third party staking partner to obtain its small percentage rake of staking gains, and then spin off as many additional staking nodes as possible to allow for more MORE staking rewards (pun intended).

Figure 22.3 — We in Shanghai wit the top down. Ready for this Merge 2 upgrade.

USDA Choice Music

Don’t forget, our crypto token could lyrically cross-face chicken-wing and cobra-clutch every other cryptocurrency. Regarding music royalties and this token; we have exponentially grown year after year after year. At this juncture our numbers continue to slaughter. Regarding streaming service updates. We are now verified and streaming heavily on TIDAL — which has the highest royalty rates of any streaming service (so stream Mithril OReDER all day everyday on TIDAL). On YouTube, we have almost 700,000 royalty streams. On Amazon Music, we have more than 1.1 million streams. and on Spotify we are approaching 7 million streams of our music (Figure 22.4). The exponential growth of this project has been humbling, and has expanded logarithmically… and 2023 has great expectations.

Figure 22.4 — almost 7 millie on Spotify — keep streaming eryday. We are grateful for all our fans!!!!

Token BuyBack Still in F-ect

Our third party buyer has stepped up prior to the “Shanghai upgrade” to allow token-holders to sell their MORE token at any juncture. If tokenholders at nonhostile public addresses wish to sell their tokens. The current terms are, if a tokenholder would like market-Ethereum value (see @mithrilore tweets for updated token values) in exchange for their MORE token, and they have held the token for longer than 1 year (according to etherscan.io public address data) / we can pair you with this buyer for your tokens (minus gas fees). Meaning if you own tokens, you can sell for pinned Ethereum value at any time (Figure 22.5).

Figure 22.5 — go ahead and sell ur MORE token whenever — just hit us up via E-mail to discuss.


Believe it or not, Amazon Music was so pumped up about our music that we were asked to join “Amazon Merch On-Demand.” We have now gone through the hurdles and you can now buy merch to rep the dopest token on the block. We have T-shirts, Hoodies, Zip-up Hoodies, Raglans, Hand-bags, Phone cases, and more. We have old-school logos, new logos, heart/back logos, and dead center logos. Buy as many as you can and hook up your family and friends (Figure 22.6).

Getchur Threads here:

Figure 22.6 — This zip-up hoodie will make u a father. Here is the link https://a.co/d/iemItDG

Latest Spotify Release — Stream it all day!


Music publishing royalty token utility continues to add IMMENSE value. Anyone worldwide can stream our music for FREE and generate VALUE via Music Publishing royalties for the MORE token.


We made some fairly ridiculous NFT’s this year (2022). With the help of the imagination of hip-hop legend Ras Kass. We set out to troll the assholes of the world. On Opensea.io, we released our “Avatar Gankstas.” If you know, you know. If ur in the NFT game, then you can try to collect some of the best NFT’s ever made (Figure 22.7).

Link to NFT’s


Figure 22.7 — Yessir — we did NFT’s. Some even have a Ras Kass promo.


The Brave Browser is the final utility for our token. The Brave browser embodies how Web 3, tokenization, and decentralization can conquer centralized corporate Web 2 concepts. Mithril Ore token accepts brave donations. We hope you will consider donating BAT tokens to our twitter handle, and our website (mithrilore.io). The BAT tokens we have obtained along the way have added value to the MORE token as they all go into the Ethereum staking process.

To make it easy, please download the Brave browser from this link as we get a kickback:


Please send Brave donations to these links:



Token Support through Brave / BAT token has been effective and meaningful!

2023 — We’re going up! This track is the best song u’ll hear in 2023–coming soon 4/2023.


MORE token has been and will be a stronghold in the crypto environment and is the best ‘craft-brew’ token in the multi-verse.

Friend of the token, and all-around friend of the cause. Ronald Moore aka Gonzoe. Miss u brother.

RIP Gonzoe aka Ronald Moore.



Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network

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MORE Mithril Ore Token

Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network