Best Month to Date — Feb. 2021

MORE Mithril Ore Token
3 min readFeb 6, 2021

Beast Mode — STAKING

MORE token is one of the earliest adopters of Ethereum 2.0 Staking. We have been staking since December 18th, 2020. At this juncture, the rewards for running validators this early will take years to obtain when the validator pool is full.

Staking ETH like its our job… cuz it is…

Since we began staking for the Eth 2.0 (1216 Eth / 38 validators) we have earned +19.46 Ethereum ($33,8992.32 by current value as of 2/05/2021). The total Ethereum + Validator rewards = $2.152 Million dollars behind the MORE token!!!!

We are very proud of our validator results! Summary in this tweet… and the inline image.

Few tokens have this sort of transparency or #’s. Full spectrum MORE Coin dominance!

Validator Table Full?

Ethereum 2.0 Staking began on December 2nd 2020. The staking rewards early-on are quite high. In addition, later — — there is a different dilemma… the number of validators is limited to 10,000,000 validators. The table is already around 30% full and we are in it. Eventually MORE token will have a coveted spot in Ethereum staking that is not accessible to others even if they want to stake. The current graph from 02/05/2021 re: number of validators can be found below. The number of validators is rising Quickly!

Since we last posted… the Table is now 30% full.

BAT tokens -

Our BAT wallet needed maintenance validation — expect your BAT donations to our YouTube Channel, Website, and Twitter to get on-boarded shortly into the token (will announce next deposit via Twitter). Probably, the easiest way to see your BAT go to the token is to download the browser on every computer you can find — under the sun — using this link

Also you can send BAT to our Twitter, our Website, and the YouTube channel. Inline figure shows we are active to receive our BAT. We also have a backlog of around 500 BAT tokens to put into the token.

BAT Delivery coming soon to your MORE token.

Token Listing

Tokens are tough to come by, not to hide the story at the end of the update, but we did apply for a listing at a trusted exchange. We will see what happens!?!?!

That’s right, we just applied for listing on the best exchange on the planet.

Music Update

The music is better than ever, and streaming more than ever — — (scroll up to the first image). We have ~ 1.32 million views on Spotify alone (not including Julie Mintz and Moby music, or Mithril OReDER on any other platforms).

The next song coming out is about to pack a punch!

We thank you for your continued support! Stay healthy! Stay safe!

MORE Team!



MORE Mithril Ore Token

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