MORE Token Update 5/1/2021 — Staking, Streaming, Token Swap, Brave

High Fidelity STAKING

As one of the earliest adopters of Ethereum 2.0 staking around, MORE token has been staking Ethereum since December 18th, 2020. At this juncture, the rewards for running validators this early will take years to obtain when the validator pool is full.

Since we began staking for the Eth 2.0 (1216 Eth / 38 validators) we have earned + 44.57 Ethereum ($127,024.50 by current value as of 5/1/2021). That is a great accomplishment in around 5 months!!! The total Ethereum + Validator rewards = $3.592 Million dollars in Ethereum behind the MORE token!!!! Please compare this to previous newletters and Medium posts — — because this continues to rapidly increase.

We are very proud of our validator results! (inline image).

Validating the Ethereum Network through staking has been a massive success!


Streaming of our music continues to be a valuable way to add value to the MORE token. The MORE streaming of the music, the MORE mechanical royalties. The MORE mechanical royalties, the MORE Ethereum contributions to the token (to possibly add more validators). So far, we have generated 1.72 Million streams on Spotify Alone — which continues to compile.

To see for yourself how our music streaming has exponentially grown, just scroll down the Mithril Ore Twitter account! Our music has also seen Massive growth!

Making our mark in music!

*** Be sure to check out our most recent release from DJ Pain 1, Kxng Crooked Canibus — it has received massive acclaim. (Play it on repeat all day long)

This may be the best song you will ever hear!

Token Listing

MORE token can be swapped on Uniswap and via Metaswap (metamask)! This means you can sell tokens and buy them via Decentralized finance, DeFi — — link below.

Link to Uniswap:

*** Please be aware the GAS fees are quite high and the token has demonstrated massive growth over a short amount of time. It may be wise to wait until gas fees settle down on the Ethereum blockchain before making small trades.

For your reference, the Ethereum — Uniswap Gas Fees can be found at this link in real time:

Brave Browser Network

The brave browser network is verified and running after an interruption regarding wallet verification. We are proud to announce it is officially up and running on all cylinders. This has been a nice additional value generator for the token.

Here are the current holdings on Uphold from the Brave network (inline image)!

Solid performance from our Brave Browser supporters!

Ways to contribute — Download the Brave browser on every computer you see using this link.

Contribute BAT Tokens to the following sites and they all go to MORE token, 100%.
Mithril Ore website —
Guardian Digital Investment Services —
Mithril OReDER’s Youtube Channel — MORE Mithril Ore Token — YouTube
Mithril Ore’s Twitter / Tweets —


We thank you for your continued support!

MORE Team!



Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network

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MORE Mithril Ore Token

Novel #ERC20 utility token - fan/artist Stream Music free to generate Crypto via Ether-backing, Ethereum 2.0 Staking, Brave browser network