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2 min readAug 9, 2020

MORE — Unlock Music Publishing

Streaming — Spotify Data

Mithril Ore Token (MORE) — Streaming has had a nice boost — our last e-mail was around 1 month ago. Streaming numbers from Mithril OReDER on Spotify alone have now eclipsed more than 600,000 streams (plus ~ 100,000 streams from 1 month ago). Our numbers on Amazon Music, Youtube, I-tunes, Pandora and Apple music are also quite strong.

Streaming has seen major growth (utility only began June 2019)

We also obtained publishing for Julie Mintz and her album ~ March 2020. Many of the songs were produced by virtuoso music icon, Moby. Her Spotify numbers have been quite strong (Our published tracks have the filled in ❤’s).

Julie’s Music has been a welcomed component of our decentralized Music Publishing Concept!

Youtube Data

Our Youtube data — monetized views have eclipsed 100,000 views. Which we believe to be a MAJOR milestone.

Youtube views can be difficult to come by! We are very proud of this achievement!

MORE GREAT STUFF ON THE WAY! We wanted to share this brief data update…

We thank you for your continued support! Stay healthy! Stay safe!

MORE Team!



MORE Mithril Ore Token

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